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About Us

We are a group of concerned residents, leaders, and organizations who came together to form Solano Together, a coalition that envisions a better future for our region that focuses development into existing cities and strengthens our agricultural industry.

Our work is driven by an alternative vision for Solano County in the face of Flannery Associates’ claims about California Forever’s benefits—our vision is guided by local voices and perspectives.


As a science and fact-based coalition, Solano Together will provide the public, voters, and decision-makers with accurate information on the impacts of California Forever and unite around a shared vision for the future.

Photo: Paige Green


Solano Together envisions a future where the County's diversity in age, race and ethnicity, cultural background, and industry is celebrated and embraced through investment in city-centered growth and healthy communities, responsible and transparent decision-making, and long-term protection and stewardship of Solano’s natural and working lands that play an irreplaceable role in water and food security, climate resilience, and the vitality of precious ecosystems.


Solano Together's mission is to engage, educate, and activate Solano residents and organizations by uniting diverse interests around core values, providing accurate and up-to-date information about the impacts of Flannery Associates' proposed California Forever project, and advocating for development that support’s the County’s long-term health and vibrancy through city-centered growth and protection of working lands and open spaces.

Fundamental Values of the Coalition:


Advocate for Smart Growth and
Investment in Existing Communities

Uphold the County’s Orderly Growth Policy that has been in place since 1984 and support development and infrastructure investment in existing cities to preserve vital farm and ranch lands and prevent harmful sprawl development.


Support the Continued Vitality of
Solano’s Agricultural Industry & Heritage

Educate residents, elected officials, and regional interests on the role Solano’s working lands play in the local and regional economy, the state’s water and food security, and in preserving invaluable generational land stewardship knowledge.


Protect the Ongoing Security of
Travis Air Force Base

As the county’s largest employer and a core national security asset, the long-term operational needs and security of Travis should be protected through limitations on surrounding development to ensure compatible land uses.


Promote Responsible Management
of Public Resources

Support efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable use of the county and state’s limited resources, through education around the costs and impacts associated with diverting limited resources away from essential infrastructure and services in existing cities to create a new city.


Protect threatened habitat, steward climate-resilient landscapes, and support clean energy production

Consider the environmental impacts of Flannery’s proposal on the ability of the Montezuma Hills to continue to deliver vital services and benefits to the region in the form of habitat mitigation lands, groundwater recharge, carbon capture and sequestration, and clean energy production.


Advocate for Abundant Housing
for All Income Levels

Support public and private efforts to address the state and regional housing crises through development of affordable and market-rate housing in existing communities that are legally required to accommodate over 10,000 housing units in the next decade alone.


Demand Transparency and Accountability from Flannery Associates and Decision-makers

Prioritize transparency and accountability both within the coalition and by Flannery Associates, public agency staff, and elected officials.  Solano voters have the right to know who is behind the proposed California Forever development, what the true costs of development are, and how community needs and priorities are being incorporated.


The coalition also includes over 100 Solano County residents and welcomes new individuals and member organizations that are aligned with our mission and values. 

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