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Solano Together Backs Supervisors Greenlight for Crucial Impact Study

Solano Together is pleased to report that on June 25, the Solano County Board of Supervisors made a unanimous decision to call for additional studies into the impacts of California Forever's East Solano Plan. This crucial step will provide much-needed information about the proposed "East Solano Homes, Jobs, and Clean Energy Initiative."

The Board's Decision

After a nearly three-hour meeting filled with presentations, public comments, and deliberation, the Board voted 5-0 to order a report on the initiative petition. This report, to be completed within 30 days, will examine the potential impacts of rezoning 17,500 acres of agricultural land for a new community development.

Protest signs demand "Transparency not Trickery" and "Agriculture not Aggro Vultures," reflecting opposition

Duane Kromm, former supervisor and Solano Together member, expressed his approval: "The Supervisors made the right decision, as there are still more questions than answers when it comes to California Forever's plans. Solano residents deserve to understand the exact environmental, economic, and social impacts of a development of this magnitude if this will appear before voters in November."

Community Engagement

A diverse group of Solano County residents sits attentively in an overflow room

With an impressive turnout of approximately 250 attendees, the meeting necessitated the use of the County's overflow room. Over 100 speakers offering public comments. Many Solano Together members and supporters voiced their concerns about the project, highlighting issues such as:

  • Potential threats to Travis Air Force Base

  • Lack of clarity on infrastructure costs

  • Water resource and supply concerns

  • Traffic congestion on local highways and streets

  • Questions about the land acquisition process

Aiden Mayhood, a 7th-generation Rio Vista resident and vocal critic of California Forever

Aiden Mayhood, a 7th-generation Rio Vista resident, shared his perspective: "I am just a regular person who does not want to see Solano County be taken advantage of by technocrats who will, for the worse, irrevocably alter our farmlands, environment, water supply, and traffic, and ultimately create a Solano County where young people like me will find it increasingly expensive to live where we grew up."

Looking Ahead

While Solano Together welcomes this 30-day study as a step towards transparency, we recognize that a project of this magnitude - potentially doubling the county's population - may require more extensive analysis.

A protester holds a sign reading "ARTISTS AGAINST BILLIONAIRES: They Won't Save Us"

As Sarah Soroken, a Rio Vista resident, noted, "A project proposal the size of what California Forever is proposing should take years of community engagement and proper environmental, economic, and social impacts reports before even considering making it to the ballot."

Solano Together will continue to monitor this situation closely and keep our supporters informed as we await the results of the impact report, due to be presented to the Board on July 23.

Watch The Supervisor Meeting In Full

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03 juil.

Great job Solano Together.

Such a joy to see such a diverse group coming together to protect our beautiful County.

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